King Of The Hill Tactics Regarding Team Composition

When playing on a King Of The Hill map, (KOTH) you have to be in the right position when it comes to team fights. If you keep on trickling in, you will not get the benefit of the entire team rushing in with their ultimate abilities. Even if it costs’ you 10% to the enemy team on the point, it can still get you that point that your team is wishing for.

The ideal team composition for KOTH maps that pros’ use is a Reinhardt, Mercy, Soldier, Lucio, RoadHog and a Phara.  That team composition is usually used because they can get Resurrects and Beat Drops which can be used to keep your team alive, otherwise you can use the speed boost to get you to the point, otherwise can be a dive comp. if you wish to interpret it that way.  Phara can get easy picks, also soldier can do the same. Reinhardt can block any shots from DPS.

You sometimes can go different routes to the point to surprise the enemy team, getting the point and maybe a team kill. You always want to utilize certain hero abilities, like Lucio’s speed boost, RoadHog’s whole hog, sometimes nano-tactical visor or nano-whole hog or maybe even nano-Reinhardt, but that would have to replace your Lucio or Mercy with an Ana. But, sometimes your Ana can be a DPS and a healer, if their good at both. You should always have at least 4 teammates on the point, and at least 2 pressing up against the choke. But if you would like to have the full strength of the team for the point, you can have 6 on the point.

I hope that this post helps overwatch players a lot.


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