Its time to crack down on these bots.

I have been cracking down on users that do not have a gravatar, that has the same IP address and email, they have been linking me to this event thing on Facebook that will “help us with business” I watch a lot of Youtube and I only get ads about this stupid event thing. If you see any shady characters that have these IP addresses and emails, I will be uploading pictures to this post of the shady users that have been contacting me. This is a picture of a user that I changed (I don’t know why) but has been sending the same posts and comments to me, just look at the IP address, I believe that a comment that previously led me to make tickets and breaking my google account by rigging the advertisements on Youtube. This is the email that you should stay away from or an email ending with this address: that When you look up it comes up with an art gallery website. But I do have some speculations, There will be further investigation required.

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