New SFM Project

We will be launching a zombie apocalypse-themed cp_gorge map! send us your posters and/or clips to enter!


All bots will be banned

Why We’ve Been Away

If you’ve seen, our last post was the 8th of September, Me and my college, MartionCat has been in school and don’t have much time to manage a website. Content has been scarce regarding gaming news for it is controversial and is biased in all ways. We promise we will be launching our game in the next 2 years. First 100 people will get a beta test pass and unlimited content.

Its time to crack down on these bots.

I have been cracking down on users that do not have a gravatar, that has the same IP address and email, they have been linking me to this event thing on Facebook that will “help us with business” I watch a lot of Youtube and I only get ads about this stupid event thing. If you see any shady characters that have these IP addresses and emails, I will be uploading pictures to this post of the shady users that have been contacting me. This is a picture of a user that I changed (I don’t know why) but has been sending the same posts and comments to me, just look at the IP address, I believe that a comment that previously led me to make tickets and breaking my google account by rigging the advertisements on Youtube. This is the email that you should stay away from or an email ending with this address: that When you look up it comes up with an art gallery website. But I do have some speculations, There will be further investigation required.

New Gaming Podcast

Welcome to Pheinix and we hope you’ll be staying! We are proud to announce a new podcast that will be about Gaming, My friends and I will be Interviewing select people about gaming, meta discussions, and reviews! You can contact for an interview via this email:, Have a good night.

MLG NRG team

Following disappointing results, the team has been undergoing a significant overhaul, with Swedish DPS star André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström also recently joining the squad, leaving two spots left to be filled. Now, NRG have finalised their roster.

Harbleu will be joining the team as a flex player. Formerly of compLexity, Harbleu made his name as one of the best Roadhog players in North America. Filling the role of in-game leader and Lúcio player will be Ajax, who played with Kungarna prior to some members of the team being linked to a potential move to Team SoloMid, during which time he was removed following a controversial tweet.

Unfortunately, it seems the team will not jump into action immediately. Though they were set to compete in the Overwatch PIT Championship, Seb ‘Numlocked’ Barton recently confirmed that the team would be withdrawing.

The decision appears to be driven by a combination of a lack of practice with the new roster, and the fact that European members iddqd and Numlocked are currently outside of the US awaiting visas for their move there, and would therefore be forced to play the online North American tournament on high ping.

NRG Esports Overwatch roster:

  • USA Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned
  • USA Tim ‘dummy’ Olson
  • uk flag Seb ‘Numlocked’ Barton
  • sweden André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström
  • USA Anthony ‘Harbleu’ Ballo – New Edition
  • USA Alex ‘Ajax’ Jackson – New Edition


Im hoping Kephrii gets in! (Kephrii is the #1 Widowmaker in the world.)

King Of The Hill Tactics Regarding Team Composition

When playing on a King Of The Hill map, (KOTH) you have to be in the right position when it comes to team fights. If you keep on trickling in, you will not get the benefit of the entire team rushing in with their ultimate abilities. Even if it costs’ you 10% to the enemy team on the point, it can still get you that point that your team is wishing for.

The ideal team composition for KOTH maps that pros’ use is a Reinhardt, Mercy, Soldier, Lucio, RoadHog and a Phara.  That team composition is usually used because they can get Resurrects and Beat Drops which can be used to keep your team alive, otherwise you can use the speed boost to get you to the point, otherwise can be a dive comp. if you wish to interpret it that way.  Phara can get easy picks, also soldier can do the same. Reinhardt can block any shots from DPS.

You sometimes can go different routes to the point to surprise the enemy team, getting the point and maybe a team kill. You always want to utilize certain hero abilities, like Lucio’s speed boost, RoadHog’s whole hog, sometimes nano-tactical visor or nano-whole hog or maybe even nano-Reinhardt, but that would have to replace your Lucio or Mercy with an Ana. But, sometimes your Ana can be a DPS and a healer, if their good at both. You should always have at least 4 teammates on the point, and at least 2 pressing up against the choke. But if you would like to have the full strength of the team for the point, you can have 6 on the point.

I hope that this post helps overwatch players a lot.


Pheinix Entertainment VP.