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To play a fun game and help us out click this link and sign up for trove a fun adventure game.

(we do not own Trove or are sponsered by Trion Worlds)

Why We’ve Been Away

If you’ve seen, our last post was the 8th of September, Me and my college, MartionCat has been in school and don’t have much time to manage a website. Content has been scarce regarding gaming news for it is controversial and is biased in all ways. We promise we will be launching our game in the next 2 years. First 100 people will get a beta test pass and unlimited content.

New Gaming Podcast

Welcome to Pheinix and we hope you’ll be staying! We are proud to announce a new podcast that will be about Gaming, My friends and I will be Interviewing select people about gaming, meta discussions, and reviews! You can contact for an interview via this email:, Have a good night.

Mass User Deletion


Your account will be affected if you do not meet certain criteria

Our Reason

Once we made an account registration we have gotten over 500 accounts. At the time 500 people haven’t even viewed our website. Because of spam, we will be deleting shady accounts.

How To Save Your Account

Accounts with the following features will not be deleted.

  • Have a Gravatar
  • Have signed up for a non-subscriber rank

When Will This Happen

It will happen sometime today or tomorrow so act fast.

Disclaimer 2

If you are reading after 7/2/2017 you will not be affected.

Thank you for 300 HITS!

We have recently reached 300 hits on our website Thank you so much, join our site’s community at If you do you get pheinix pro free. Soon we will have an, even more, variety  of content. Just again thank you for viewing our site.


We are currently in the works of a new section: World of Warcraft (WoW) and would like if the community be patient with our progress.  If you are frustrated with our announcement that we will be making the pheinix pro version cost, were just trying to make some money to provide you with more updates and progress on our video games. the first 100 people to join our website will be provided with a free copy of our games and will be offered with a beta test code no matter what your status is, pheinix lite or pheinix pro, just as long as you are in the first 100 people mark.

Thank you for your cooperation,

CederSmuh Cloreen,

Pheinix Entertainment VP.

World of Warcraft Section

We are making a section on WOW tune in it will be here soon but there is one thing you have to do to view. Make a pheinix lite account and be signed in.