Why We’ve Been Away

If you’ve seen, our last post was the 8th of September, Me and my college, MartionCat has been in school and don’t have much time to manage a website. Content has been scarce regarding gaming news for it is controversial and is biased in all ways. We promise we will be launching our game in the next 2 years. First 100 people will get a beta test pass and unlimited content.

King Of The Hill Tactics Regarding Team Composition

When playing on a King Of The Hill map, (KOTH) you have to be in the right position when it comes to team fights. If you keep on trickling in, you will not get the benefit of the entire team rushing in with their ultimate abilities. Even if it costs’ you 10% to the enemy team on the point, it can still get you that point that your team is wishing for.

The ideal team composition for KOTH maps that pros’ use is a Reinhardt, Mercy, Soldier, Lucio, RoadHog and a Phara.  That team composition is usually used because they can get Resurrects and Beat Drops which can be used to keep your team alive, otherwise you can use the speed boost to get you to the point, otherwise can be a dive comp. if you wish to interpret it that way.  Phara can get easy picks, also soldier can do the same. Reinhardt can block any shots from DPS.

You sometimes can go different routes to the point to surprise the enemy team, getting the point and maybe a team kill. You always want to utilize certain hero abilities, like Lucio’s speed boost, RoadHog’s whole hog, sometimes nano-tactical visor or nano-whole hog or maybe even nano-Reinhardt, but that would have to replace your Lucio or Mercy with an Ana. But, sometimes your Ana can be a DPS and a healer, if their good at both. You should always have at least 4 teammates on the point, and at least 2 pressing up against the choke. But if you would like to have the full strength of the team for the point, you can have 6 on the point.

I hope that this post helps overwatch players a lot.


Pheinix Entertainment VP.

Overwatch Arcade

In Overwatch there is a section of game modes that if you win three you get a loot box. You can get a max  of 3 loot boxes. (Custom games do not give you loot boxes)

1st Game mode: Capture The Flag (CTF)

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a game mode where there are two teams. Where each team has to capture the enemy’s flag three times or get more flags in the 5 mins. that you have to win. Most games result in a draw due to unbreakable defenses. So this might not be the game mode to get those loot boxes.

2nd Game mode: 3v3 elimination

In this game mode there are teams of three instead of the normal six. If you die, you don’t respawn (unless a mercy resurrects you.) There is three rounds of this, and a play of the game at the end of those three rounds. This might be the right game mode for you to get those loot boxes.

3rd Game mode: 6v6 Mystery Heros

In this game mode it’s just like quick play, same maps, same rules. But, with one exception. You don’t get to pick your heros, it’s completely random when it comes to hero selection. Also, when you die, your hero changes by random again, so it is hard to get a ultimate. This would probably be your pick if your good at not dying.

4th Gamemode: NO LIMITS

In this game mode it’s just like quick play, but it recreates the old hero stacking meta into a quick-play-like game. Hero stacking is when you have no limits on how many of a hero you can pick on a team. (this game mode used to be the old quick play then they got rid of that feature and gave us this.) This will definitely be a good pick for getting loot boxes.

5th Gamemode: 1v1 Mystery Duel 

In this Game mode you completely have no control over your hero selection, the game chooses it. If it chooses Reaper, both players have to play reaper. (Unless you’re a nuker which is a type of hacker in Overwatch) this could be good for you to get a loot box if you’re good at every hero in Overwatch.

Last/6th Gamemode: Custom Game

In this Gamemode. Your are not granted a loot box when you win. But, you get XP. In Custom Game you can make it public, which players can access through the server browser, friends only, which friends on your friend list can access through the sever browser and it is highlighted in green which is the color for groups/friends. Or private, which is only accessible through invites. In this Gamemode you can modify the cool downs on certain heroes, modify the payload speed, the game mode, individual hero speed, individual hero health for teams which can be used for boss battles, specific hero selection for teams, you can get rid of abilities entirely, ect.

But recently, People have been using the XP that you get and have been exploiting it to level up and get loot boxes, which the Overwatch team were very ticked about, so they made it so you can get kicked from skirmish and you can’t get XP from skirmish. (Skirmish is used for going AFK because it has no objectives and it is 30 mins.) so what I am trying to get to is, if you join one of these, you will get banned (even if you just play around) and please don’t name your custom game: “Free XP farm!!! 500% everything!!!” Because you will get banned too. Just don’t do it.

This is Smuh again giving you more Overwatch content.

Overwatch Competitive 

When it comes to Competitive Overwatch you should be at least lvl. 25 for that is the requirement to start your placement matches. Competitive gives your rank based on how well you did in your ten placement matches.

The Competitive ranks are: Bronze (1-1499 sr), Silver (1500-1999 sr), Gold (2000-2499 sr), Platinum (2500-2999 sr), Diamond (3000-3499 sr) Master (3500-3999 sr), Grandmaster (4000+ sr) and TOP 500 (top 500 players in your region regardless of tier)

Currently, Overwatch is in Comp. season 4, (Comp. = Competitive) and how the ranking goes is let’s say I was in Silver in season 3 (which I was) in season 4 even if i did my best, won all my games, ect. I would still get Bronze- Silver rank. Let’s say In season 1 I was in Top 500, in season 2, I would get Grandmaster- top 500. (None of this is true xD) so basically, even if you win all your placement matches you will still get a rank in the same category as your last season rank regardless of how well you did.

The rounds/games of Comp. are different to quick play. They go bye matches, let’s say we have 2 rounds and we win one and the enemy wins the second, it would go on to round three. It goes all the way to round 5 and if you tie then, it Draws, And both teams kinda win. If you loose, then your SR goes down a little bit, if you win, your SR goes up a little bit and you get a few Competitive points.

Currently in season 4 your SR decays due to inactivity. To stop that, just play once a day. Or you loose your rank.

I hope his helps you with your matches. Also, you usually see teams   group up or kill the healers first. And if someone tells you to switch to a rank or healer, do it, you probably need it.

Remember always, stay as a team and protect your healers. This is Smuh again giving you another Overwatch tactic.

Overwatch Hanumura defense choke tactics 

 When it comes to setting up your defense on Hanumura make shure you take a Mercy or a lucio with you because it can effect you a lot due to lucio being extremly viable on all maps, mercy too. If you really want to push back the attacking team then in advise that you use a bastion or a torb. For that will get the enemy team frustrated but make shure you watch out for phara’s attacking your torb or bastion. Make shure that you hold the gate choke and wait for those team sweep ults. When you turret is down, protect the torb when he is building it up again. Surprise the enemy team with cheeky turrets that can kill them.

On point B the choke point is so viable because that if they get through it then you basicly lost. You need to set up turrets that can surprise them in areas that will sweep the team and push them back.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

I’ll see you all later!

Overwatch Hanumura attack choke point tactics.

On choke maps like let’s say the Hanumura gate on point A, you need to have a strategy in getting through that choke. If you advise on using a few ults to clear point A, then that’s fine. But if you would sweep point B too then I advise saving some high DPS ults like Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor. For that will get you a few kills to take the points. But, if you don’t enough ults to clear then I advise pushing with a Zarya or a Rein. Make shire that your team’s supports are not getting killed. For the supports are key in taking those points. So, protect your supports.

When it comes to the time to take point B I advise using a flank option to surprise the enemy team. Remember to group up and wait for the rest of your team even if it takes 15 secs. Off the clock. You will see a lot of the time in competitive that teams will group up to get a better strength on a choke point push, usually, it can benefit your team to have the full strength of your team to push the choke. Make sure to avoid any snipers or turrets.

Remember, group up and protect your healers.

That’s all and soon I will be posting a defense tactic post. So tune in!