Why We’ve Been Away

If you’ve seen, our last post was the 8th of September, Me and my college, MartionCat has been in school and don’t have much time to manage a website. Content has been scarce regarding gaming news for it is controversial and is biased in all ways. We promise we will be launching our game in the next 2 years. First 100 people will get a beta test pass and unlimited content.

The Legend of Crythas

  1. A Kind Race

In my adventures in the land of Crythas my favorite being are the syrinx they look like owl people with long light green robes. They carry long spears and bows. In their land the syrinx forest there are these purple berries that grow that remove all fatigue for this reason they need not sleep nor drink. They however do eat at night they hunt so they get the flavor of the food they have very strong taste buds and they hunt the indigenous creatures. For birds there are crows and ostriches mammal wise they have groundhogs, black bears, timber wolves, and dolphins. The dolphins come in many colors red, blue, green, black which is evil and the only color they hunt, and rainbow. For insects they have bumble bees, and water striders. They also grow pineapple, apples, and cherries. At the day they go to the temples to listen to their shaman. The shaman possesses magical power while the others have none. They live in homes built in the syrinx trees of the forest. There’s a neighboring unicorn race that helps them when struggle falls on them. This is all good but this land is not complete kindness.


  1. The Faces of the North

The north of Crythas is a terrible place. The cold is so bad you shall most likely not even make it a day. Though the worst part is the evil that lives here. These creatures are called frostoros. They are tall blue skinned humans with beards of ice and eyes of snow. In one hand a battle axe in the other a shield of frost. They have dogs giant wolves with blue leathery fur. Once these dogs are too old to fight they kill them and use the skin to make armor and cloaks. These dogs are fast, strong and can smell a human a mile away. These creatures mine an aloid that is a mix between diamond and flint. They chain this around leather cloaks to create armor. The creatures attack innocent harmless creatures and make them mine and tend for their dogs. These creatures eat the cold wind and drink the frozen water. As far as magic all they have is breath so cold it can freeze you within a minute.


  1. A Dead Desert

In the southwest of the region there is a desert. There are 4 sands this is why it is called the desert of the elements. It possesses normal sand, quick sand, sand that will launch you into the air and you will fall to your doom, and red sand that when you touch you will combust into flames. The borders of this desert is what is important though there is a giant pit full of gold, but it is no normal gold. It is called ghost gold and for a good reason. If your race obtains more than 50 pieces of this gold you are enslaved by it and so is your whole race. There is one creature that has been taken by this gold, and they are called plundermapes. They are humanoid monkeys with hideous gold bones the teeth and claws are gold and they are the most greedy species alive. If you come near the pit they will attack and you will never see you and they will rip your head off.


  1. The Mountain Society

There is one more place called the mountain plains. It is made of small hills and is only grass no trees. There are many species such as flamingos, squirrels and tigers. In the coast there are sharks and whales. There is a society on the top of the tallest hill. It is made of nagas. It is a thriving society and not much else except for one thing. They possess an ancient relic the eye of the most powerful snake to ever walk the worlds. It gives them 5 powers which are in their venom. One is blinding which lasts forever. One other is the strongest poison any one race of naga has. Another is hypnosis which they use to take slaves to build and harvest. Next is changing the weather of the mountain plains at will. Finally they can also turn invulnerable for 1 whole year, but after that they will die. They get the last 2 by biting either their left or right arm.


The End