New RPG!

Hi! I’m Dragonet, and I am proud to announce a new game called Spirit. Spirit is an all genre tabletop RPG. I will be posting content and rules for Spirit in the near future.

Steel GreatSword


2d8 slashing damage

+3 to hit


15 lbs


35 GP

2 Handed

Requires 2 free hands to equip

MLG NRG team

Following disappointing results, the team has been undergoing a significant overhaul, with Swedish DPS star André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström also recently joining the squad, leaving two spots left to be filled. Now, NRG have finalised their roster.

Harbleu will be joining the team as a flex player. Formerly of compLexity, Harbleu made his name as one of the best Roadhog players in North America. Filling the role of in-game leader and Lúcio player will be Ajax, who played with Kungarna prior to some members of the team being linked to a potential move to Team SoloMid, during which time he was removed following a controversial tweet.

Unfortunately, it seems the team will not jump into action immediately. Though they were set to compete in the Overwatch PIT Championship, Seb ‘Numlocked’ Barton recently confirmed that the team would be withdrawing.

The decision appears to be driven by a combination of a lack of practice with the new roster, and the fact that European members iddqd and Numlocked are currently outside of the US awaiting visas for their move there, and would therefore be forced to play the online North American tournament on high ping.

NRG Esports Overwatch roster:

  • USA Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned
  • USA Tim ‘dummy’ Olson
  • uk flag Seb ‘Numlocked’ Barton
  • sweden André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström
  • USA Anthony ‘Harbleu’ Ballo – New Edition
  • USA Alex ‘Ajax’ Jackson – New Edition


Im hoping Kephrii gets in! (Kephrii is the #1 Widowmaker in the world.)

Guiding Bolt




3d4 radiant damage +5 to hit

Mana Cost

9 per spell


A bolt of light that homes its target.